Other Hatchbacks Should Take Notes from the Volkswagen Golf GTI

There are many around Grand Rapids that love how hatchbacks take the best qualities of the sedan class, namely performance and efficiency, while adding more space and convenience to their daily driver, and one of the best hatchbacks at doing so is the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Whether you're looking at the engine specs, standard features, space, or overall design, the Volkswagen Golf GTI comes out on top when you compare it side-by-side with competitors like the Mazda3, Subaru Impreza, and Kia Soul, which is exactly what we did below.

You can follow this link to find an in-depth overview of our findings, or read more to see some highlights of everything we found!

Part of the popular Golf lineup of small cars, the GTI part of its name tells drivers all they need to know about this hatchback that puts a premium on excitement. Each of the other models we compared it with come standard with engines that fall short in horsepower and torque, and none of the models offer a transmission as capable of outputting that power as the dual-clutch transmission of the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Another key aspect of an enjoyable drive is how easily you relax in the cabin, and again Grand Rapids car shoppers will find that the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which comes standard with everything from heated front seats to a leather-wrapped steering wheel, tackles passenger comfort and convenience in more ways than the competitors. Plus, it comes standard with tech for your mobile device whether you have an iPhone or Android.

Again, this is just a quick run through of all the factors that make the Volkswagen Golf GTI a standard of the hatchback class, so be sure to click the link above to learn more, or if you're already convinced it's the model for you, come to Betten Volkswagen today!

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