Change Out Your Volkswagen's Cabin and Engine Air Filters Here in Grand Rapids

A lot of air circulates throughout your Volkswagen, both in under the hood and in the cabin, and understandably, that air contains a lot of stuff you probably don't want impacting your car's engine or how you breathe. That's where cabin and engine air filters come into play with any car, including the Volkswagen Jetta, Golf or Tiguan you drive around the Grand Rapids area. You might not know when you need to have your cabin air filter replaced, but by bringing in your Volkswagen for regular maintenance and service, our tech experts will schedule a time to do just that.

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The same goes for maintaining or replacing your engine air filter, another hugely important part not only for safe and sensible everyday driving, but for keeping other important parts and systems clean. The best way to handle your air filter maintenance and replacements is by sticking to your specific Volkswagen model's factory-recommended service schedule, with mileage intervals listed for certain kinds of upkeep and replacements.

When your engine or cabin air filters do need to be replaced, make sure you buy the new ones here at our Grand Rapids, MI dealership where we only use Genuine Volkswagen Parts. These obviously match your specific model's needs, but they also work with all the other VW parts in your car or SUV, making sure everything is running in perfect harmony. When it comes time to change out your air filters, be sure to use the service and parts specials that we regularly offer to help you save, all while helping your car to maintain its long-term value.

Schedule a service visit at Betten Volkswagen in Grand Rapids today and we'll be happy to go over your options for changing out your air filters.

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