You bet it is. We at Betten Volkswagen could not be more excited to show off the Volkswagen Golf to those of you that include your dog on every adventure. We get it; dogs are man woman and child's best friend! And, you need a vehicle that accommodate your fluffy friend no matter where you go or what you do. Check out why the Volkswagen Golf makes just as good as a companion as Fido does.

Impressive Interior

With the Volkswagen Golf, you can enjoy a totally comfortable and configurable interior. This vehicle has a huge selection of trim level options, meaning that you have several material choices at your fingertips. With the Volkswagen Golf, you can enjoy easy to clean seating, making it a breeze to preserve the vehicle you've come to love.

In addition, with a configurable seating arrangement, you'll be able to create space for all the necessities. You can easily slide a crate, some toys and other travel necessities into your Volkswagen Golf. And the convenient hatchback design makes this easy on your back.

Get Out on The Open Road

Getting started on your next adventure is easier than ever. A configurable and comfortable interior as well as several off road capable features will make it even easier to enjoy every second with your best friend.

We at Betten Volkswagen, located in Grand Rapids, and nearby to Kentwood, Rockford and Wyoming, MI are super excited to give you the low down on this vehicle and show you why its perfect for you and your pup. Bringing your baby everywhere is no longer a challenge! We welcome you to come in for a test drive of this beauty and to reach out with any unanswered questions.

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