Interior Features

At Betten Volkswagen, we have the Volkswagen Jetta in our inventory, which comes with an outstanding number of interior features that you will go crazy over. One feature that we think Allendale MI and Holland MI will love is the ambient lighting system that lets you choose from ten different colors to set the mood within your vehicle. Another feature that will catch everyone's attention is the panoramic sunroof that allows everyone in the vehicle to enjoy spectacular views of the area you are traveling in around the Grand Rapids area.

Innovative Technology


The touchscreen display in the Volkswagen display is eight inches and allows you to view all your favorite in-vehicle apps as well as all your navigation routes to destinations in and around the Wyoming MI area.

Digital Cockpit

The digital cockpit for the Jetta is over ten inches and gives you the perfect view of all your vehicle's most important information. If at any moment, you feel as if the display does not fit your driving personality, you can easily change the settings to fit what you need.

Safety Features

Adaptive Cruise Control - This amazing safety feature will benefit you by reducing your vehicle's speed to match the driver ahead of you. By doing so, you will be able to avoid a collision with another vehicle or obstacle on the side of the road.

Blind-Spot Monitoring - The blind-spot monitoring system will send out audible and visual warnings the moment another driver approaches the blind area of your vehicle while changing lanes on the highway.

Lane-Keep Assist - For Kentwood residents, you will learn to appreciate this feature as it alerts you the moment your vehicle starts to stray from its lane unintentionally.

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