The Volkswagen Cross Sport here at Betten Volkswagen comes equipped with a four-cylinder engine which pumps out just the right amount of horsepower and torque to get you where you need to be fast. Also equipped with the engine is 4Motion with active control, which gives you four all-wheel-drive options to choose from to help match the type of conditions you are driving in. The modes that are available to you are snow, on-road, off-road, and a customizable off-road where choose your settings. By having multiple modes, you will never have to worry about getting the traction you need on your favorite off-road destination in Grand Rapids.

Interior Features

Inside the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, you will find an abundance of features that everyone will love, including the front and rear heated seats to keep you and your passengers warm in the winter. When looking up, you will notice a panoramic sunroof, which gives you an amazing view of the sky above while traveling to your favorite destination in the Wyoming MI or Allendale MI areas. Anything you need to add comfort to your trip is already in your Volkswagen and ready for you to enjoy.

Safety Features

Adaptive Cruise Control - This feature will help reduce the number of times you hit the brakes and accelerator as it will automatically reduce your vehicles speed to match the vehicle ahead of you.

Lane-Keep Assist - Lane-keep assist will provide you with alerts if your vehicle starts to migrate from its lane unintentionally.

Blind-Spot Monitoring - This safety feature is great for residents of Kentwood and Holland MI as it can detect when another vehicle enters your blind area while you are changing lanes. When the detection is made, you will be sent audible or visual warnings.

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