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  • Greg Betten
    General Manager

  • Holly McGavin

    Holly McGavin, a seasoned professional who embarked on her journey with Betten Imports in 2003. With an extensive background in auto manufacturing, distribution, and retailing, Holly brought a wealth of valuable experience to the team. In addition to her career accomplishments, she also dedicates her time as a Sideline Cheer Coach, inspiring and mentoring young athletes. Holly's diverse interests include music, physical fitness, and various forms of art and crafting. Her multifaceted passions reflect her creative spirit and commitment to personal growth. We are proud to have Holly as a valued member of our organization, as she continues to excel in her role while pursuing her many diverse interests.

  • Eric Mock
    General Sales Manager

    Eric Mock is an experienced professional who entered the car business in 1995 as a salesman, quickly progressing to a managerial role. Beyond work, he enjoys biking, swimming, running, skiing, and snowmobiling. Eric is a proud husband, father of two rescue dogs, and loves spending his free time in Traverse City. With his wealth of industry knowledge and passion for an active lifestyle, Eric brings valuable expertise to our team.

  • Dan Knott
    Sales Manager

  • Eric Allen
    Service Manager

  • Dominic Jackson
    Finance Manager

    Dominic is a seasoned automotive professional with over two decades of experience, starting in sales in February 2002 and progressing through various roles including Inventory Manager, Sales Manager, and Finance Director. With a deep understanding of the industry, Dominic is equipped to provide exceptional service and support to customers. Outside of work, Dominic finds fulfillment in reading, sports, and spending quality time with his family. As a devoted husband and father of eight children, he cherishes the moments shared with loved ones. Dominic's commitment to serving extends beyond his personal life, as he actively participates in ministry work, focusing on teaching, disciplining, and serving others. With his extensive experience, dedication to family, and involvement in ministry, Dominic brings a well-rounded perspective and a genuine desire to make a positive impact in both his personal and professional endeavors.

  • Dave Kolean
    Volkswagen Sales Manager

  • Will Swets
    Sales Consultant

    Will is an accomplished automotive sales professional with a strong background in business-to-business marketing and brand development. He began his successful career in the automotive industry in 2018, specializing in the sales of Volkswagen vehicles. With an innate passion for the field, Will thrives in this ever-evolving frontier, leveraging his extensive knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

    Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Will's journey took him to South Florida briefly, where he further honed his skills. However, his deep-rooted connection to West Michigan eventually drew him back to his hometown. Now, armed with a profound understanding of the local market, Will is dedicated to serving customers with integrity, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to their satisfaction.

  • Antonio Reeves
    Sales Consultant

    Antonio is a dedicated member of the Betten Imports team, bringing a year of experience to his role. Originally from Spring Lake, MI, he pursued higher education at Grand Valley State University, where he recently graduated in 2022. During his time at the university, Antonio not only excelled academically but also actively participated in collegiate lacrosse. Additionally, he had the incredible opportunity to broaden his horizons by studying abroad in both Berlin, Germany, and Cape Town, South Africa.

    Outside of work, Antonio finds enjoyment in playing golf, engaging in video games, and, most importantly, assisting individuals in finding the perfect Volkswagen vehicle. His genuine passion for helping people, combined with his knowledge of the brand, enables Antonio to provide exceptional customer service. Whether it's discussing the latest VW models or guiding customers through their car-buying journey, Antonio is dedicated to ensuring each individual finds the right vehicle to suit their needs and preferences.

  • Josh Betten
    Sales Consultant

    With an impressive tenure of three years in a full-time capacity and a remarkable eleven years overall, Josh Betten is a highly experienced professional at Betten Imports. His deep-rooted passion for cars has been a driving force throughout his career, allowing him to develop extensive knowledge and expertise in the automotive industry.

    In addition to his dedication to cars, Josh finds fulfillment in staying physically active. Lifting weights and engaging in tennis are among his favorite activities, which not only contribute to his personal well-being but also reflect his commitment to maintaining an active lifestyle.

    Josh's wealth of experience, combined with his enthusiasm for cars and his commitment to physical fitness, makes him a valuable asset to the dealership. Whether he's assisting customers with their vehicle needs, sharing his automotive expertise, or engaging in his personal interests, Josh consistently strives to provide exceptional service and ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Jimmie Howard
    Sales Consultant

    Jimmie is a seasoned automotive sales professional with over three decades of experience in the car business. Starting in 1988, he began selling cars in 1990 and later completed automotive service training in 1999. With a true passion for selling cars, Jimmie brings enthusiasm and dedication to every customer interaction, striving to provide exceptional service. Beyond his role in sales, Jimmie finds joy in RC Racing and landscaping activities in his spare time. He also enjoys working on his own vehicles whenever possible. With a strong commitment to his family and a belief in the value of hard work, Jimmie is dedicated to delivering a personalized and rewarding car-buying experience to every client he serves. With his extensive knowledge, experience, and genuine passion, Jimmie is well-equipped to assist customers in finding the perfect vehicle that meets their needs and preferences.

  • Simon Miller
    Sales Consultant

  • Kyle Harkema
    Sales Consultant

    Kyle Harkema brings over 2 years of valuable experience to our team. Starting here fresh out of college with a degree in marketing. He now excels in pre-owned sales. Beyond work, Kyle enjoys working on his car, spending summers on the lake, and riding his dirt bike through northern Michigan's trails. His dedication and expertise make him a valuable asset, providing exceptional service while pursuing his passions.

  • Emily Waldom
    Coordinator/ Assistant Service Advisor

    Emily is a highly skilled professional who has made significant contributions to Betten Imports Service during her nearly five years with the company. With diverse responsibilities, she has served as the loaner coordinator, assistant service advisor for Mercedes, and a fill-in advisor for the Volvo and Volkswagen desks. Additionally, Emily adeptly manages employee transportation needs, and assists with schedule updates for the Service Department employee calendar, showcasing her exceptional organizational abilities.

    Outside of her role at the dealership, Emily channels her passion for writing by working as a freelance minor league baseball writer during the spring and summer months. Her love for travel, coupled with her enthusiasm for coffee, craft beer, and fitness, drives her to seek outdoor experiences whenever possible. Emily's well-rounded interests and dedication to her work make her a dynamic and valuable team member, consistently delivering exceptional service to customers and contributing to the success of the service department at Betten Imports.

  • Ryan Lotterman
    Service Advisor

  • Monique Conkey
    Service Advisor

  • Wendy Foster
    Warranty Administrator