See Why More Drivers Are Choosing Hatchbacks/Cars in Grand Rapids

Sedans are popular for many drivers because of theirfuel efficiency and comfortable ride. However, hatchbacks are quickly becominga popular choice in Wyoming, MI, for many former sedan lovers. There are severalreasons for this trend, especially in the compact car segment. Let's explorethe advantages of a few of the more popular hatchbacks in our inventory.

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Volkswagen Hatchbacks

Volkswagen makes a line of popular hatchbacks that include the Golf, Golf GTI, and Golf R. They feature plenty of room behind the back seat, which is one of the number one reasons why people choose a hatchback.

With the Golf, you can choose luxury amenities such as heated seats and a panoramic sunroof. The Golf GTI is the sportier version of this favorite hatchback, and the R is known for its powerful engine.

Ample Hatchback Choices near Kentwood

You have many choices when it comes to a hatchback. You can choose from the efficient and economical KIA Rio, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Accent, or the Honda Fit. These are all excellent options on the budget-friendly side of the hatchback selection.

However, a few luxury manufacturers have some modelsthat offer a few more comforts. For instance, Audi Sportback models offer power thatmakes them fun to drive. The Mazda3 has a sleek, sporty design that you mightnot expect from a hatchback. The Mercedes-AMG and BMW X3M are otherluxury-class hatchback favorites in our used hatchback lineup.

Reasons Why People Love Hatchbacks

As you can see, many car manufacturers traditionally known for their sedans are getting into the hatchback scene. Hatchbacks offer drivers several advantages over a sedan. They offer better visibility and more headroom for the rear passenger. They look small on the outside, but they feel big and roomy on the inside. They are well designed and offer plenty of cargo room for next road trip in Allendale, MI.

The best way to see if a hatchback is right for youis to stop by Betten Volkswagen near Holland, MI and take your favorite brandsfor a test drive. Hatchbacks offer something for everyone from theeconomy-minded to the luxury-minded.