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The new 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan is your perfect option for an efficient and reliable crossover. Its design is on point, with a perfect combination of comfort and glamour. The interior is one of the most luxurious, with a high-quality leather finish, which is made comfortable with premium cloth and soft-touch materials. In addition, it has an eye-catching dashboard with a sleek and modern design. The exterior is just as fantastic, and the front grille looks excellent with its sporty appearance, large light clusters, and powerful design lines making it a head-turner on the road. The 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan is also safe and efficient, with intelligent features for your convenience. Below is a short outline of the features that make this vehicle unique and a worthy investment.

2023 Volkwagen Tiguan Performance Features

There are so many performance features that come with the new 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan. For instance, it has a 2.0l four-cylinder turbocharged engine that is efficient and capable of producing up to 184 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque. This is also paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that helps your driving experience feel even better. This car has a standard front-wheel drive with four doors, a seating capacity of five people, and an optional all-wheel drive. The fuel efficiency is also superior, with its EPA estimated at 24 mpg in the city, 31 on the highway for the front-wheel drive model, and 22 in the city, 29 on the highway for the all-wheel drive model.

The crossover has excellent off-roading capability with its all-wheel drive feature and stability control, reducing your risk of skidding. The suspension is also great, the front is independent, and the rear is with a live rear axle.

2023 Volkwagen ID.4 Interior & Tech Features

The new 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan has many futuristic technology features. One of the most spectacular technology features is the wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. It allows you to connect your phone to the car via an ultra-fast wireless connection, allowing for a seamless transition between your phone and the car's entertainment system. You can even send text messages, stream music, get weather updates, and more. Not only that, but it also has standard handheld remote keyless entry, push-button start, and even a hands-free ignition.

This car also has an integrated navigation system with the latest maps to help you navigate your way in Kentwood. Voice control functions are also included to make driving simple. In addition, the car has a wireless charging system making it very convenient to charge your phone while driving. The infotainment system is also very luxurious, with a customizable dashboard display and a color touch screen. This will allow you to manage your music, view the map, and locate addresses within Allendale. It has easy-to-use touchscreen capabilities with smartphone integration, radio controls, and more. Another unique technology feature is the 360-degree camera, allowing you to see around the car similarly to the windshield. This greatly benefits driving in big city traffic in Holland and navigating tricky parking situations.

2023 Volkswagen Tiguan Safety Features

Safety Features

The new 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan is very safe and reliable. It comes with advanced safety systems for your safety. This includes a blind spot monitoring system that alerts you if there are any vehicles in your blind spot's path that can cause an accident. It also has a forward collision alert system, a great safety feature when traveling at high speeds. It alerts you if another vehicle is about to collide with yours, helping you avoid any accidents. To ensure the car is as safe as it can be, it also has a rear traffic alert system, which enables you to avoid any accidents by alerting you when a vehicle is approaching from behind. In addition, it has automatic emergency braking that stops the vehicle from a collision if you don't brake on time.

This car also has a rear vision camera that allows you to monitor the road for any impending danger at all times. This is paired with the hill descent control, allowing you to adjust the steering angle in case of an obstacle. The car also comes with a rear window sensor that can detect when there is a person or object on your back window, alerting you in real-time and informing you how to avoid any accidents. This car also has a video rearview mirror that will allow you to see if your vehicle is being followed. Furthermore, it has a lane departure warning system that alerts you when you are drifting out of your lane. It also has a tire pressure monitoring system to alert you of any poor tire pressure. Lastly, it has a parking assist that helps you park your car in Wyoming, MI by simplifying the process.

2023 Volkswagen Trim Level

Trim Levels

  • 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan S
  • 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan SE
  • 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan SE R-Line Black
  • 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL R-Line

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