The all-new Volkswagen Arteon is Here in Grand Rapids: Let Us See How It Compares to the Competition

The Volkswagen brand recently added a brand-new fastback sedan to their lineup, currently available for financing or leasing at Betten Volkswagen in Grand Rapids, MI: the all-new Volkswagen Arteon. This premium sedan offers the style and class of a luxury sedan, the cargo space of a hatchback, and the performance of a sports car in one tech-savvy and affordable model.


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However, the Volkswagen Arteon does not come without its challengers, so let us compare this new fastback against its top competitors from Genesis, Audi, and Kia. You will find the new Volkswagen Arteon available for purchase or lease here at Betten Volkswagen, located less than an hour outside Holland at 5901 28th St SE in Grand Rapids, MI


Volkswagen Arteon vs Genesis G70

We begin our comparisons with the Genesis G70, a comparable sedan in both size and luxury. While the Genesis G70 also enjoys quite a bit of popularity, you may find it falls short of the Volkswagen Arteon in a variety of different ways, including its warranty coverage for basic repair needs..

  • Interior Space: Through its fastback sedan/hatchback design, the new Volkswagen Arteon offers a more advantageous trunk for grocery shopping and golf clubs, given its over 27 cubic feet of trunk space. The Genesis G70, while a luxurious-looking car, only offers about 10.5 cubic feet of trunk space.
  • Powertrain: In looking at their powertrain configurations, you will find the Arteon offers a bit more horsepower at the base level. Its standard engine cranks out a total of 268 horsepower at 5,500 revolutions per minute (rpm) whereas the standard engine of the G70 generates 252 total horsepower at 6,200 rpm.
  • Drivetrain: While both of these sporty sedans come available with all-wheel drive, at the base level, the Arteon offers front-wheel drive over the rear-wheel drive of the G70. Rear-wheel drive proves advantageous for racetrack driving and aids acceleration, but front-wheel drive provides better traction in adverse driving conditions in Kentwood.
  • Fuel Economy: The base engine of the Volkswagen Arteon can travel up to 383 miles in the city and 539 miles on the highway outside Grand Rapids, MI before requiring fuel. The Genesis G70 falls short in fuel economy and offers a cruising range of 348 miles in the city and 474 miles on the highway.

Volksweagen Arteon vs Kia Stinger

Next, we come to the Kia Stinger, a popular choice in the Kia brand for its style, speed, and overall performance. Though, as will see, if you want to enjoy a bit more practicality and convenience in your next sportback sedan, you may enjoy the Volkswagen Arteon a bit more.

  • Horsepower: People recognize the Kia Stinger for its powerful drive, but its base engine falls short of the Volkswagen Arteon and generates up to 255 horsepower over the 268-horsepower from Volkswagen's comparable fastback.
  • Fuel Economy: The Volkswagen Arteon dares to challenge conventional fastback sedan notions through its fast and gas-sipping engine that travels a cruising range of 383 miles in the city of Wyoming, MI and 539 miles on the highway before requiring fuel. The standard engine of the Kia Stinger offers a cruising range of 350 miles in the city and 461 miles on the highway.
  • Interior Space: The Volkswagen Arteon provides the more preferable seating for your backseat passengers with much more rear leg room than its Kia counterpart. Likewise the Arteon even offers a bit more trunk space with 27.2 cubic feet over the 23.3 cubic feet of the Kia Stinger.
  • Comfort: The Volkswagen Arteon comes standard with Climatronic® three-zone automatic climate control, allowing both you, your copilot, and passengers in the backseat choose their own level of comfort. The Kia Stinger features standard dual-zone without rear seat controls.


Volkswagen Arteon vs Audi A4

Finally, we arrive at the Audi A4, a worthy challenger from a well-known luxury brand. The Audi A4 provides a unique challenge in fuel economy and power, but it may surprise you that this luxury sportback falls short in features and trunk space, despite the higher sticker price.

  • Price: While both come classified as more premium sportbacks, the Volkswagen Arteon begins at a more flexible starting retail price, well over $3,000 less than the Audi A4, with a plethora more standard features.
  • Interior Space: The Volkswagen Arteon proves the bigger fastback overall, with considerable bore rear leg and shoulder room than its Audi counterpart, along with up to 27.2 cubic feet of trunk space. The Audi A4 provides about 13 cubic feet of cargo space.
  • Technology: In both fastbacks, you will find a plethora of standard technologies, but the Volkswagen Arteon goes one step further and provides Blind Spot Monitoring to help keep you informed of unseen dangers when parallel parking or just changing lanes on the highways outside Allendale, MI. This feature comes available on higher trim levels of the Audi A4.
  • Powertrain: As with its other counterparts, the Arteon shows its dominance in powertrain wit up to 268 horsepower generated in total from its standard engine. The base engine of the Audio A4 falls drastically short in power, generating 188 total horsepower.

Test Drive the Volkswagen Arteon Today

The all-new Volkswagen Arteon recently arrived and made a grand impression among sports car lovers all throughout the world. If this premium fastback sounds like your style, then come check one out here at Betten Volkswagen and test drive the new Arteon at our Grand Rapids, MI Volkswagen dealership. We look forward to meeting you!